Intrinsically Safe Drones

The Canary

Intrinsically safe, yes really.

We are currently working through the building phase for a small lightweight easy to use Intrinsically Safe drone. This drone is being built to meet standards to operate in Hazardous Gas Area Zone 0 T4 classified location. This is not a case or a commercial drone covered in capacitors and dipped in a sealant. This is a drone built from engines to cameras to meet or exceed Intrinsically Safe standards for operability. Tachyon Oil & Gas is building this drone for use of inspecting inside voids, tanks and pipes. No longer will you have to shut down operations and gas check the area before doing visual inspections with UAV systems.

  • HD Camera
  • IR Camera
  • Remote Gas monitoring
  • External LED Indicator Lights
  • Advanced avionic controls
  • Easy to learn and use flight controls
  • Intrinsically safe electronics and engines
  • The Warbler

    EX Class 1 Div 1

    The Warbler is a large commercial drone, with advanced avionics, capable of operating in Class 1 locations on and off shore. The drone system has a payload capacity of over 100lbs and is specifically built with high winds, inclement weather and offshore in mind. We are currently building and testing this model for operations within electrical hazardous locations with a Q3 2018 ship date for the first generation of drones. The use of highly advanced avionics allows The Warbler to fly more than five miles from the controlling operator. Autonomous and semi-autonomous flight software is being developed to allow the Warbler to conduct inspections without the need for a human pilot. This will be included in the second generation Warbler. The Warbler uses advanced cameras and sensors to conduct inspections that otherwise would require human inspection teams and work stoppage.

    Each Warbler will come with the following as standard features:
  • IR Camera Dual temperature Series
  • IR Camera Standard temperature Series
  • IR Camera SWIR Series
  • IR Camera Optical Gas Imaging Series
  • 4k HD camera
  • Real Time Remote Gas Monitoring
  • Real Time GPS
  • Real Time Temperature Monitoring